10 Guidelines To Select The Right Cooking area Tiles

Choose your kitchen tiles with the help of the 10 tips given in this article. Choosing tiles is a daunting process with the stringency of a budget. While designing the kitchen, we choose the coordinating materials from the ceiling to the floor. Choose the tiles on the floor, walls, back of the counter and the countertop according to the colours, patterns and overall décor. Color scheme is an important part of the selection process and finding the right colours is tricky sometimes.

1. Pick colours that excite you and give you a peaceful atmosphere. The character of the room is a reflection of your personality. So, create mixed colours that are specifically - you.

2. Don't be afraid to use newer and brighter shades of your favourite colours. Use the brighter or bold ones as borders to highlight a few areas in the kitchen like the cabinets, wood-work and other appliances. Dull areas around the windows pop up with the use of these colours. The right colours work like frames for artwork.

3. If you have a tight budget, make a few compromises with the textures and colours. The process of choosing the right materials is on-going and keeps changing constantly. Incorporate the costly ones in lesser amounts, and use them wisely to highlight certain areas.

4. If you have a favourite pattern or colour, do not buy it until you have researched all the complementary selections. For example, if your favourite kitchen tiles are hand-painted ones, then buy them only after you have selected the coordinating floor tiles and countertops.

5. The process of coordinating is daunting and take up a lot of your time. Choose the least flexible material in the kitchen first and work around the other elements.

6. The floor and wall tiles in the kitchen look great with clever lighting. Before purchasing them, look at them in daylight and artificial lighting. Some colours like green and blue can look good in daylight, but, look dull in the artificial lighting.

7. Research the latest trends and find the suitable colours and textures according to your tastes. Kitchen tiling involves a certain amount of investment and cannot be changed frequently.

8. The tiles for the kitchen floors and walls look good if matched to the undertones of the cabinets. Use glazed or unglazed varieties with the warmer or cooler tints of wood.

9. Create a focus point at the backsplashes. Glass and bright coloured quartz tiles are the trends now. The robust colours and the shine lift the mood of the room, and create an aura of freshness.

10. Installation is a major part of the designing process. Hire a professional for creating smooth and even finishes on the floors and walls, that stay new for many years.

The above tips help you in selecting the colours and patterns of the kitchen tiles. Always design your home in a way that excites you and makes you feel comfortable.

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